Premed Starter Kit: Competitive Edge

Admittance to medical school is notoriously competitive. For those of you who want to take advantage of every opportunity to stand out above the rest to secure your place in medical school or compete for a spot at a top tier program, this chart will help guide your goals and target scores. If you want to attend a top-tier program, make sure you meet the requirements in the Excellent column for five of the seven categories (grades combined to one category) and Good for the other two. If you aren’t trying to be competitive, meet the minimum requirements for all categories and Good or Excellent for at least five categories. Of course, these are rough guidelines. There is no hard-and-fast formula for the perfect application, but use this chart when planning your premed career.

 V1.0 Minimum Good Excellent Notes
Overall GPA 3.0 3.7+ 3.9+
Science GPA 3.0 3.6+ 3.8+
MCAT 500 507+ 518+
Community Service (hours) 50 100 400+
Patient Exposure (hours) 50 100 1,000+
Research (hours) 25 50 150+ Excellent: one or more publications
Physician Shadowing 1 PCP 1 PCP, 1 medical, 1 surgical 1 PCP, 2 medical, 2 surgical Shadow each physician for a minimum of 8 hours.
Leadership (number of leadership roles) 1 4 5 Excellent: create a leadership position, lead an important team, or student government Pres/VP

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