Premed Starter Kit: Physician Shadowing

Physician shadowing is an important part of preparing for medical school. Although most premed requirements help you decide whether or not you should pursue a career in medicine, few experiences will help you understand the day-to-day of a physician like shadowing. In addition to the soul-searching benefits, the majority of medical schools require or strongly … Continue reading Premed Starter Kit: Physician Shadowing

Premed Starter Kit: Patient Exposure

Patient exposure, similar to physician shadowing, is another opportunity to learn if you are prepared for a career in medicine, specifically, are you willing, able, and interested in working with sick patients every single day. During these experiences, be honest with yourself and reflect on your experiences to better inform your decision to apply to … Continue reading Premed Starter Kit: Patient Exposure

Premed Starter Kit: Community Service

Premed Starter Kit: Community Service Community Service If you can't find the type of volunteer position you want, then consider starting your own non-profit; it can be as simple as making sandwiches for local homeless populations. Don't feel pressure to start a non-profit, it would be going above and beyond--helpful but not necessary to gain … Continue reading Premed Starter Kit: Community Service